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No trips to Vegas. No witness needed. Confidential.                       Be married in 30 minutes or less.

We are proud to offer a convenient and trouble-free same-day marriage ceremony. We deal with all necessary  paperwork in the office, and every newlywed couple receives a bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion. Our registered notary will issue a marriage license and officiate the wedding, so you save the trouble of standing in line at the registrar's office. You are welcome to bring guests, friends, and family to join you in this joyous occasion. For better service, call us in advance, so we can accommodate your wishes and make appropriate arrangements.Our marriage licenses are confidential and require no witnesses to be present . We offer ceremonies in English and Russian.

For scheduling and information contact our office at (323) 848-7325 or call the chapel directly at (323) 929-0001.